Florida Millionaire Couple Selflessly Saved 70+ Displaced Foster Kids After Irma

September 15, 2017Sep 15, 2017

While Hurricane Irma weakened before hitting US mainland, it still brought extreme destruction to southern Florida. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate, and many of those who stayed were left without power for several days. 

For over 70 foster kids who were displaced after they were forced out of their temporary shelter, the storm could have caused a devastating ending. Just when all hope seemed lost, however, a southern Florida millionaire stepped up to lend a helping hand.

Mark Bell, a millionaire and a member of the SOS Children's Villages board of directors, was contacted by the foster care organization. They said that the sheriff had thrown out over 70 foster children and their chaperones from a shelter after it lost power. 

Immediately, Mark and his wife Jennifer agreed to take all of the kids into their home. They were able to stay in the mansion until the power was restored at their various homes. 

The millionaire asked for help from friends and family with preparing meals, showing love, and providing a safe and comfortable environment for the kids. He said that over 100 people helped the couple.

In a Facebook post, Bell said, "Over 72 hours we served over 800 meals, entertained amazing kids who had no home, arranged for medical care, and most importantly an abundance of love."

Bell also created a Go Fund Me for the SOS Children's Village. The funds will go toward making "their homes habitable again." In only three days, the campaign had already raised $73,683.  

A few days after all of the kids moved into the Bell's mansion, most of them were able to return to their respective homes when their power was turned on. 

The generosity and love that the Bells showed is something that should be celebrated! 

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