Florida Mall Tried To Ban Christmas Music...Until Christians Took A Stand

October 28, 2016Oct 28, 2016

How backwards are things getting? You can't sing Christmas music at Christmas? Or, more specifically, music about Jesus--the reason for Christmas? Yes, it's come to that in America. But a recent religious liberties showdown shows that Christians can get a lot accomplished if they band together and speak up.


The University Town Center Mall in Sarasota, Florida banned any carolers from singing Christmas music or more specifically, "Christian" music. Life Site News reports the mall sent out a correspondence that said, "For choral groups, the Mall prefers no clearly recognizable Christian music, such as carols." The ban included "spirituals" and "gospel" music, making it clear that mentions of Jesus were being targeted.

However, the word spread around the affluent community quickly through a notice on the American Family Association's website on Wednesday. So many Christians complained to the mall and threatened to boycott that the mall issued an apology and a retraction. Naturally, they denied complicity.  "The materials created and distributed by a third party company relating to the hiring of performance groups for UTC were not reviewed by UTC staff in advance of distribution. These materials do not in any way represent an existing center policy or viewpoint. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused within the Sarasota community."

While it is sad that this Christian music ban would even happen in the first place, it is great that Christians stood up for their faith and their religious liberty! Do you agree?