Florida Georgia Line Singer and Wife Discuss God’s Role in Their Next Life Chapter

June 07, 2017Jun 07, 2017

Tyler Hubbard, one of the country singers in the duo ‘Florida Georgia Line’, and his wife Haley Hubbard announced that they will be expecting their first child. During an interview with People, the two emphasized God’s role in this major, next chapter of their life.

The couple revealed that this moment has been something they have been looking forward to for a while, but it’s “all about God’s timing”. Haley said she just woke up one night and knew she was pregnant. The next morning, she confirmed with a pregnancy test and excitedly ‘jumped back into bed’ to show Tyler the results.

Tyler is very excited, too! He’s also nervous...but is relying on God to guide them through the adventure.

“There’s a lot that we’re going to get to learn. Hayley and I both really love learning and growing as people. For us, it’s the next phase and the next stage of life that God can really teach us a lot and show us patience … and selflessness. To be honest, our world, at this point in our life, it revolves around what we want it to revolve around — our wants and our needs and our desires, what we have going on in our schedule … and all that’s about to change.”

“Trying to have the balance of raising a kid and raising a family with the lifestyle that we have, and the pace of life that we live — it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be challenging and something that we’re really, really excited about. There’s all kinds of emotions on both ends of the spectrum from excitement to [nervousness]. But the excitement definitely [outweighs] the nerves...it’s been fun to trust God and know that his timing is perfect. It really is so perfect.”

After the interview, the couple took to social media to further express their excitement. Tyler posted, “We’ve had such a hard time not telling everybody for the last few months because we are SO excited...WE ARE PREGNANT...God is so good and we can't wait for this next chapter of our life.”

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