Florida Father Stands Up For Son's Bathroom Privacy Rights And Gets THIS Amazing Response

April 28, 2016Apr 28, 2016

Think you don't have power? It's easy to feel that way, with the landslide of liberal immorality barreling through our nation. Companies, states, and schools are falling prey to the LGBT peer pressure and the defiant culture who wants to say: There are no rules of right and wrong but what we decide ourselves.


But we do have power--not only in prayer, but in standing up and voicing our complaint. One Florida father issued a complaint about his son's right to privacy after a girl who wanted to be a boy used his bathroom alongside of him. Instead of shooing him off, the school listened to the dad and voted in his favor, reports The Christian Post. "The Marion County school board in Florida has decided that children must use bathrooms that correspond to their biological gender after a father complained that a transgender student was violating his son's privacy." They added that students who want to use alternative facilities "shall always be offered comparable facilities, as required by law."

One parent voiced their strong approval of the decision. "My concern is that some pervert is looking for the opportunity to dress up as a transgender and pray on innocent children, and because of their perverted action scars children for life."

Sadly, it was Board Chairman Bobby James who was originally trying to open up the bathrooms to be used without rules. He compared to the current struggle to the discrimination of African Americans. "I was here in the early '50s and '60s. You know about those little bathrooms and all of that and people have all kind of things. This world is evolving. All I'm saying is we need to be prepared to make good decisions," James said.

Thankfully, the Florida father spoke out and saw great victory because of it. We pray more concerned parents see the same kind of response to their complaints! Do you agree?