Florida Family Faces One’s Worst Fear, Discovering Something Horrifying in Attic

August 09, 2017Aug 09, 2017

A Sarasota County, Florida, family heard something making noise in their attic, so a son, Adam van der Herchen, peeked his head in to take a look. What he saw might send shivers into virtually anyone in his shoes.


He saw a snake moving. The family called Animal Control twice to have it removed, but the team failed to remove it both times. Officers told the family that it was likely a diamondback rattlesnake, according to CBS News

Linda van der Herchen, Adam’s mother, didn’t know what to do about it, so she posted about the snake on Facebook, asking for help. The family also posted videos of the snake slithering through the attic.

After a referral from friends, the family contacted Mark Lampert, who came to remove the snake. He found snakeskin that indicated the snake had been living in the attic for up to four years.

After searching for two hours, Lampert found the snake and removed it, discovering that the snake wasn’t a diamondback but a Columbian red tail boa constrictor. Animal Control Officials believe the snake likely entered the attic through a tree branch.



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