Florida Airport Shooter’s Other TERRIFYING Target Revealed

January 10, 2017Jan 10, 2017

In the wake of a mass shooting that killed five people and injured at least six others in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport in Florida last Friday, a different possible target has been revealed.

According to ABC News, suspect Esteban Santiago first had a plane ticket to New York City, and the timing of his arrival is particularly terrifying.

When was he supposed to land there? On New Year’s Eve, ahead of a massive party at Times Square.

For unknown reasons, though, he cancelled his flight and booked a trip to Florida a few days later.

Investigators are currently trying to determine both Santiago’s exact intentions in New York City and his motive for shooting people in the head seemingly at random in Florida.

Santiago, a former National Guardsman, complained to the FBI about hearing voices in his head that were telling him to watch ISIS videos. He was also reported to the FBI by a former employer who was disturbed by things Santiago had said.

Despite that, after receiving mental health treatment for four days, Santiago’s gun was returned to him — the same gun he used in the airport massacre.

His former girlfriend Michelle Quinones commented, “We had let Veterans [Affairs] know that he was having some mental problems, that he wasn’t feeling all right, and they did nothing. They didn’t do anything.”

Santiago’s brother Bryan said Esteban believed the CIA was controlling his mind to get him join ISIS.

Bryan asked, “How is it possible that [the feds] only hospitalized him for four days? The mistake was theirs, and what I criticize is that the federal government knew about his situation for months.”

He added, “How is it possible that the federal government let him keep his gun? All this could have been avoided.”

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