NFL Player Sued After Allegedly Destroying Another Couple’s Marriage

November 23, 2017Nov 23, 2017

An NFL player from the Philadelphia Eagles is being sued after he allegedly destroyed another couple’s marriage. A lawsuit was filed against Fletcher Cox on Wednesday, November 22nd.

According to TMZ, a husband from North Carolina named Joshua Jeffords claims that Cox is liable for “alienation of affection." Jeffords was happily married to his wife, who is going unnamed, when Cox seduced her into sleeping with him.

Cox reportedly tried to continue the relationship by communicating via text message. The football star even made remarks stating he wanted to impregnate her and sent inappropriate photos.

The relationship between Jeffords’ wife and Cox was clearly consensual. Text messages proved she was interested in pursuing a romantic and sexual relationship with the professional football star.

Additionally, Jeffords was blocked by his wife on social media.

In the state of North Carolina, you can sue for A.O.A. and it’s possible to win the case if you can prove that your marriage had genuine affection, which was destroyed by a third party.

As of Thursday afternoon, Cox has not commented on the incident.

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