FLASH: BREAKING NEWS! Los Angeles schools all closed because of bomb threat.

December 15, 2015Dec 15, 2015

Hundreds of schools are ordered closed as a bomb threat is called in.

According to the New York Times, a bomb threat was called in today and, in an emergency move, all schools are closed today. The Los Angeles school district is huge, with hundreds of thousands of students.

The bomb threat was called in to a school board member. One of the key points of terror attacks is to create fear. It has just been two weeks since the terror attack in neighboring San Bernardino took the lives of 14 people, so law enforcement officials are understandably ready to respond quickly.

Students and others are urged to stay away from schools. To have bomb squads and police check the hundreds of schools in the LA School District is a massive undertaking. Police say they will have a news conference soon to announce what is happening.

Stay tuned for details and please keep Los Angeles in your prayers, for safety for everyone involved and for wisdom for public officials.