Five War Room Hacks You Have to Try!

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May 15, 2017May 15, 2017

War rooms or ‘prayer rooms’ became very popular after the Christian movie War Room came out in 2015.

The movie is about a struggling wife that meets an older woman, who guides her closer to God through prayer. Part of the woman’s strategy for being a prayer warrior is creating a war room, which is a private place (such as a closet) to pray and trust God with your battles.

If you have a war room or would like to start one, here are five must-try hacks:

1. Prayer Board

A prayer board helps organize and prioritize your prayers.

Post sticky notes on a large frame, use a dry erase board, chalkboard, or cork board, or even get creative with a DIY project (see photo above). Options are endless- just choose what best suits you!

Prayer boards are also great for dividing prayers into categories by having multiple columns or color coding sticky notes/papers. Many people also hang photos of family and friends to pray for.

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