Five siblings who were in foster care will grow up together thanks to a single father who adopted them

Lamont Thomas, a New-Yorker father and single dad, tried to keep his tears away as he adopted five siblings ranging in age from 5 to 1.

Thomas has been adopting foster youth since 2000. Since then, he has raised more that 30 children. The Thomas family has grown over the years thanks to the five new members.

“I was fighting to keep back the tears,” Thomas said. “Every day I think about it, my eyes swell up. All that we endured to make this happen, it was something.”  The single father currently has 12 adopted children in his home, ten were adopted, and two were his own.


“Lamont never turned [a child] away,” said Michael, the first child Lamont ever fostered. “They either aged out or went back home to their own families. The loving single father never failed his foster children to show him love.

Thomas had to act when he heard about the siblings’ story. Before the single father adopted Zendaya (5 years old), Jamel (4 years), Major (2, 2, and Michaela (1 year), they were all separated and had to live separately in four foster homes. The children had to live in four different cities apart.

It seemed like it had been a very short time ago that Lamont began to help his friends who had lost their child in the system. After the single father got his license, Lamont became a foster dad immediately. Nothing has stopped him since.


He adopted twins Germayne & Tremayne in 2007 along with two other children, Jamie and German. Not long after his first four kids, he adopted the first child he fostered—Michael.

“I wanted to be the difference, I wanted to make a difference by being a difference for these youth.”  Thomas had stopped adopting kids, but with the handful of energy he’s got at home, it will be like coming out of his retirement.

“It’s amazing he’s taking on all of them,” said LaMonica, 27, Lamont’s biological daughter. “He does anything for everybody. He’s a really great man,” she added. Michael also commented how taking care of children is really his father’s ‘God-given calling.’

Both of Lamont’s biological children almost can’t fathom that their father is willing to start all over again—with toddlers under 5, nonetheless.

He worked tirelessly on the getting the kids adopted.

The father of five children was once the single father. The children were all taken into care and separated. Thomas took care the siblings and adopted them all.

If it weren’t for Lamont, the five siblings would be living for another day separated. The official proceedings took place inside Judge Lisa Rodwin’s courtroom in Erie County, New York.

After almost two years of working on the kids getting adopted , Lamont’s new kids will finally be raised as siblings.

“I fought for close to two and a half years just to be able to get them together, and we won, we got it,” said Thomas.

Lamont’s family just got bigger, and he’s more than ready for the house to get busy (and a bit noisy). After almost two years of working on the kids getting adopted , Lamont’s new kids will finally be raised as siblings—just like how it’s supposed to be.

Watch the video below and witness how the five siblings ended up in Lamont’s care: