First Victim Identified in Deadly Van Attack

April 24, 2018Apr 24, 2018

As updates become available, it now appears that 10 people were killed on Monday in Toronto by a crazed driver. Many more were injured. 

Mike Pence has responded on behalf of himself and President Trump. He claims that the two are closely monitoring the situation.

According to Fox News, the first victim was identified on Tuesday morning as a young woman who worked in investment management. She was standing near her office when she was suddenly killed by the oncoming van. 

Anna Marie D'Amico was one of 10 victims killed during the attack. Her colleagues claim that she was "full of life." They are deeply shocked and saddened by her loss. 

The president of Invesco Canada confirmed D'Amico's death, claiming that his thoughts and prayers will go out not only to Anna but to everybody who died and who will be impacted by this tragedy.

Alex Minassian, 25, was the driver. He is being charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and another 13 counts of attempted murder in a court appearance on Tuesday. 

"Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all those impacted by this tragic event," said Peter Intraligi, the president of Invesco Canada. "I can now confirm that unfortunately one of our employees has succumbed to her injuries. Out of respect for her and her family, we will not be providing any further comments."

"[She was] full of life, loved to travel, loved to help volunteer," Jon Tam, who worked with D'Amico, told CBC.

CBC claims that investigators have vowed to leave "no stone unturned" in their effort to discover exactly what happened and why. Authorities claim they owe it to the people who were victimized by Monday's attack. They also "owe it to each other and to the wonderful city" that they are "blessed to call home." 

People close to the situation are absolutely shocked. The mayor, for instance, has called the incident an "unfathomable loss of life" that has "left out city mourning." 

He continues, "While we do not yet know the identities of all those who lost their lives, we can be sure that they were people who were loved, who had dreams and families, who had accomplished many things and would have done so much more."

Invesco Canada's headquarters are on Yonge Street, close to the nearly one-kilometer stretch of Yonge Street where pedestrians were killed in yesterday's incident. 

Reports claim that a total of fifteen other people were hospitalized for injuries. 

In recent news, a 25-year-old woman was recently set on fire for being a Christian. 

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