First Transgender Model Got Fired for What She Just Said About White People

September 01, 2017Sep 01, 2017

Earlier this week, L’Oreal Paris UK hired their first ever transgender model. Munroe Bergdorf was hired as an ambassador for the company’s YoursTruly True Match diversity campaign.

When the trans model first got hired, people were calling Bergdorf a rising star. An editorial was even written up about the model in “Vogue.”

Bergdorf said, “To be the first trans woman in a L’Oreal Paris UK campaign feels amazing, and also kind of crazy. When I got the email about it I just sat with my mum and I couldn’t believe it.”

Now, Bergdorf is in big trouble with the makeup company. The model took to Facebook to share political views, claiming that all Caucasians are racist. The post has since been deleted, but People recorded it.

The post said, “Honestly I don’t have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people anymore. Yes, ALL white people. Because most of y'all don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of color."

"Your entire existence is drenched in racism. From micro-aggression to terrorism, you guys built the blueprint for this s***,” the post continued. “Come see me when you realise that racism isn’t learned, it’s inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege. Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth… then we can talk."

On Friday morning, L’Oreal announced via Twitter that the controversial post has resulted in Bergdorf’s dismissal from the company.

Bergdorf later tried to justify the statement in a new Facebook post, but it did not help the cause. The post also addressed L’Oreal.

The statement said, “If L'Oreal truly wants to offer empowerment to underrepresented women, then they need to acknowledge THE REASON why these women are underrepresented within the industry in the first place. This reason is discrimination - an action which punches down from a place of social privilege. We need to talk about why women of colour were and still are discriminated against within the industry, not just see them as a source of revenue."

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