First Lady Melania Issues Statement on Samantha Bee, Ivanka Trump Debacle

June 01, 2018Jun 01, 2018

First Daughter Ivanka Trump was recently targeted by liberal comedian and late night talk show host Samantha Bee. The comedian sparked outrage after referring to the First Daughter as a “feckless c***” on her television show “Full Frontal,” but she later apologized for her “inappropriate and inexcusable” comments.

This recent attack comes in a long string of verbal attacks against members of the First Family. Amidst the backlash against Bee, many have brought attention to the fact that liberal celebrities who “cross the line” in politics are more likely to keep their job over conservative celebrities who overstep boundaries.

For instance, just days before Bee faced an extensive amount of backlash, Roseanne Barr was under fire for her racist remarks against Valerie Jarrett. Barr, like Bee, released an apology statement but was instantly fired from her comedy series.

Although the First Daughter has not yet commented on the incident herself, the office of the First Lady released an exclusive statement regarding the Samantha Bee/Ivanka Trump debacle to The Daily Caller addressing the media's bias.

“The double standard is truly astounding,” the spokesperson stated. “Time and again the Trump family and members of this Administration are subjected to false reporting, hateful rhetoric and outrageous lies all in the name of freedom of speech or comedy, yet the mainstream media stays silent.”

President Donald Trump also responded to the attacks on Friday morning. Read his full response here.

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