Famous Actress Who Played the Very First James Bond Girl Dies Tragically

June 09, 2018Jun 09, 2018

Eunice Gayson, the very first James Bond girl, has passed away. She died Friday at the age of 90.

Gayson starred in the first Bond film in 1962, “Dr. No,” playing the character Sylvia Trench. When she asked Agent 007 who he was as they were sitting across from each other at a card table, it was to Gayson’s character that he uttered the unforgettable lines, “Bond, James Bond,” according to Deadline

Gayson played the same character in the subsequent Bond film, “From Russia with Love.” It was the last Bond film for Gayson. According to CBS News, Gayson’s voice was dubbed over by another actress in both films. 

According to Gayson’s official Twitter page, the British actress was an “amazing lady who left a lasting impression on everyone she met. She will be very much missed.”

She was born in Surrey, England in 1928. She had a 60-year career on stage and screen that first began in the 1940s.

After the Bond films, she went on to film in other notable movies, including “The Revenge of the Frankenstein” (1958) with Peter Cushing and later in several popular British TV series, including “The Saint” and “The Avengers,” according to CNN

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