NYC Bomb Suspect Had His First Court Appearance from Hospital Bed

December 13, 2017Dec 13, 2017

On Monday morning, an explosion took place in New York City near Times Square. A bomb went off at the Port Authority bus terminal at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue.

A 27-year-old man, Akayed Ullah, was wearing a homemade pipe bomb. Because of the nature of the explosion, authorities believe that the bomb either malfunctioned or at least did not go off in the time or place it was intended to.

Thankfully, no one was killed in the explosion. At least four people were injured, including Ullah. He was immediately taken to the hospital for his sustained wounds.

Ullah reportedly moved to the United States from Bangladesh seven years ago. He currently resides in Brooklyn. While there has been little other information about the immigrant, authorities have reason to believe that this was an intentional terrorist attack and that Ullah was a suicide bomber. He is associated with a group called Ansarullah Bangla Team, who has been linked to several killings and attacks.

On Wednesday, Ullah had his first court appearance. The appearance was made via video, due to the fact that the attacker is still in a hospital room.

According to Fox News, the hearing lasted over 10 minutes and Ullah remained quiet for the majority of the time. The hearing was with U.S. Magistrate Judge Katharine H. Parker. Ullah said that he understood his rights, and his two public defenders did not request bail.

In initial investigations, Ullah reportedly told his interrogators that he was punishing the United States on behalf of the Islamic State group. The investigators said that Ullah had been working on the bomb for a full year and was hoping to die in the attack.

Reportedly, Ullah’s wife knew nothing of the attack. Jannatul Ferdous, who still lives in Bangladesh, said that she spoke to him the morning of the attack and that he did not say anything about it.

So far, no information has been given about what Ullah’s punishment will be. Investigations are ongoing about the attack, and authorities are thoroughly looking into Ulah’s background and agenda. We will continue to update as more information and court dates are revealed.

We are thankful that this attack did not play out as planned and that no one was seriously hurt. What do you think about this? Let us know on Facebook. In other breaking news, multiple shots have been fired at Penn State and 2 have been confirmed dead so far. Please be praying for safety.

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