Fire Dept. Issues Major Warning Against Certain 4th of July Fireworks, Kids at Risk for ‘Severe Injury’

July 03, 2018Jul 03, 2018

As we remember the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on Wednesday, July 4th, many families will be celebrating with special community events, barbecues, outdoor activities, and fireworks. Although the Fourth of July holds great significance and is typically a day of fun, authorities want to ensure that all families stay safe.

A major warning was issued against children’s fireworks by North Carolina’s City of Concord Fire Department on Monday, July 2nd. According to a statement from the fire department, these specific type of fireworks can “cause severe injury.”

The fireworks affected by the official warning resemble character toys from some of children’s all-time favorite movies including “My Little Pony” and “Pete’s Dragon.” Children who mistake the fireworks for toys are at risk.

“[The fireworks] can cause severe injury and burns to children who may believe that they are a toy,” authorities said in a statement.

“It’s discouraging that manufacturers are making these fireworks look like toys,” a spokesperson from the local fire department said. “In no way, shape or form are these toys. They should not be left in anyone’s hand unless they are an adult and they should only be used by adults.”

According to USA Today, children ages 14 and under in the U.S. suffered 36 percent of firework-related injuries in 2017. Last year, hospitals estimated just under 13,000 people being treated for firework-related injuries — more than half of them being considered “to the extremities.”

Authorities’ hope across the nation is that these statistics will decrease in 2018.

Please share this information with friends and family who may be at risk. Faith Family America wishes you a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday.

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