Firefighters Forced To Remove THIS Flag From Their Trucks; Why? Well...

July 21, 2016Jul 21, 2016

Have you seen this flag?

It's called the Thin Blue Line American Flag, and it's becoming a rising symbol of support for law enforcement in the wake of the deadly Dallas and Baton Rogue ambushes on police. But when firefighters in Riverside County, California decided to fly it on one of their fire trucks to honor their fellow first responders, as pictured above, they were told to take it down.

According to Fox News commentator Todd Starnes, the fire chief said it was a safety hazard.

In an e-mail he sent to the firefighters, the chief wrote, “Our foremost concern was whether the flag could create a safety risk for emergency responders due to extremists targeting the fire engine or for people following the fire engine and not being able to see the warning lights.”

He then zeroed in on the extremists, writing, “How is this perceived by not only the public, but also those that would seek to do harm to those in public safety? Some feel the flag is an attempt to incite further violence against those who, to our very core, have dedicated our lives to protecting all lives. Should we potentially increase the risk for our firefighters by flying flags, banners or signs in this time of divisiveness? Sadly, in this unsettled time the danger is possible.”

He added, “The type of flag — while strongly supporting our [law enforcement] family — could increase tension or cause a negative response within the community."

Although he said the decision was painful and difficult, firefighter Eric Hille, who put the flag on the fire engine, protested the decision by refusing to remove photos he posted of it online.

“As you can tell, the pictures are still posted and will remain posted to show our support for our brothers and sisters in blue,” Hille said.

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