Firefighter Confirmed Dead in California Fire

December 14, 2017Dec 14, 2017

NBC San Diego reports that a firefighter was killed in the Thomas Fire, which has been burning areas in Centura and Santa Barbara counties. A total of 242,000 acres have been destroyed. 

A Cal Fire statement read that they are "very saddened to report that a firefighter fatality has occurred on the Thomas Incident."

The family was recently notified of their loss. They are, of course, mourning the situation. And so are many living in California, who have had their homes and wellbeings radically compromised by the tragedy. 

"Please join me in keeping our fallen firefighter and his loved ones in your prayers all the responders on the front lines in your thoughts as they continue to work under extremely challenging conditions," said Ken Pimlott, the Director Chief of Cal Fire.

This is the second death attributed to the fire, which broke out on Monday, December 4 and has destroyed 930 structures. 

At of the time of writing this on Thursday afternoon, the fire is only 30% contained. It continues to rage and poses a significant threat to the people of California.

It was reported earlier today that firefighting captain Brenda Ripley recently emphasized the unpredictable nature of the fire, remarking that wind conditions have been extremely unpredictable and difficult to fight fire in.

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