Fire Crew Goes Above and Beyond to Save an America Flag from the Flames

July 10, 2018Jul 10, 2018

The month of July is typically a month for Americans to feel a bit more patriotic than usual. Most of this can be credited to the 4th of July, which celebrates the birth of our nation and our Independence Day.

However, some Americans believe in honoring our country, and our flag, every day of the year. Recently, a fire crew went above and beyond to save "old glory" from some dangerous flames.

A pickup truck burst into flames as the driver, Cory Gallagher, narrowly escapes the inferno. However, flying on the back of his truck, was an American flag that his brother had given him.

"'In a split second decision I had to decide to stay in the truck and burn with it or get out,' Gallagher said. He jumped out but, the American flag given to him by his little brother was still on the back of his truck. 'The flag meant something to me, you know,' Gallagher said. He said when he called 911 for help he knew his truck was gone, but he hoped firefighters could save his flag," reported ABC News.

It was only moments later that crews arrived. One brave member made the decision to dash into the blaze and grab the flag quickly, before being burnt himself.

"'I made sure the wind direction was blowing in the right way and I wasn't inhaling any smoke,' Guhl said. Now the flag is tattered and burned. However, Gallagher said he plans to frame it as a symbol of overcoming adversity especially as he prepares to join the U.S. Army. 'It's sad, but it's still here, that's the thing that matters right now is that the flag is still here,'" Gallagher said.

What do you think about his actions? Let us know if you fly a flag outside your house and believe in honoring our nation and our nation's symbol! In other recent news, people are still losing their minds after Costco's latest announcement.