Find Out What Word NASA Says Can't Be Used

February 08, 2016Feb 08, 2016

NASA, our government's National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has now banned a certain word, saying it can't be used in their internal communications system.


What is the word?

The word is: Jesus.

So in a largely Christian nation, where the first amendment guarantees freedom of religion, where a significant number of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were clergyman, NASA says the word "Jesus" is now prohibited.

This has all started under our current administration. NASA employees in the past, since 2001, had gathered on their own for a Bible study. No one is coerced to come, it is just a voluntary group.

Then, according to Fox News, when the club put out an announcement in an internal newsletter inviting people to come to the meeting, they were told it was forbidden to mention the name "Jesus." This is even though it is a totally voluntary group.

What is our country coming to?