Find Out Why Mothers Are Obsessed With This Natural Hydration Drink

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Are you on MomTok

If you don’t know, you already know. If you don’t, allow us to explain: MomTok is the corner of TikTok dominated by pregnant women and mothers, getting real (and often getting funny) about all the highs and lows of motherhood.

It’s so refreshing to see content about Mom Life that doesn’t look like it belongs in a pharmaceutical commercial! Plus, it’s a great place to get tips and tricks on everything from teething to potty training to new products worth trying.

That’s how we found out about Greater Than. It’s a natural hydration drink that finally provides a healthier alternative to drinks like Pedialyte. Is this a sugar-free hydration drink? This sounds like a game changer. Use.

Moms across TikTok are obsessed with Greater Than’s hydrating powers and nine delicious flavors. Today, we’re going to dive deep into what makes Greater Than so popular and how it can help pregnant and breastfeeding mothers feel their best.

What moms are saying about this social media phenomenon

We feel like we can’t open Instagram or TikTok without seeing another glowing recommendation for Greater Than’s drinks — now, we’re going to explain all the (much-deserved) hype.

Our Feeds Are Obsessed

There are so many different ways to be mother, and so many special mothers. To see There are so manyMoms from all walks agree on one thing: It is amazing.

As we said before, Greater Than is all over MomTok, but it’s also a huge hit on Instagram. If you go to Greater Than’s page, you can see content from moms all over the world who are huge fans of their hydrating formula and yummy taste.

Greater Than’s IG is also a supportive space to talk to other mothers who can understand your struggles and successes if you’re trying to grow your village.

Follow Greater Than on Instagram here — where education and hydration combine.

We Trust the thousands of 5-Star Reviews We Have

Many people are cautious about purchasing products online. They do their research, checking out reviews to make sure it’s exactly what they want. Mothers take their research to a whole new level. 

Moms want to see videos of their children and parents. Way deeper on product reviews to make sure not only that it’s right for them, but that it’s also right for their little angel.

A nursing mother doesn’t need to scroll far into Greater Than’s reviews to get a sense of how powerful their hydrating drinks are. Their website and comments on social media are Stacked Firsthand accounts from people who have benefited from their alcohol. 

We scoured the reviews and chose a few of our favorites.

  • “I can definitely see what all the raving is about with these. I started using them from the beginning and my milk supply has been the best it’s been for all four of my children. I can pump four ounces of milk on one side and still feed my baby from the other side. It’s been great!”
  • “This drink is amazing! It helps me make enough milk to feed my 3-month-old daughter who drinks 5.5 oz. I used to struggle to make enough milk for a full day before I tried it. Now I can make almost enough every day! I also started to freeze milk!!”
  • “Truly love these products. These products are great for me and my baby’s overall health. The significant increase in my supply has been a blessing. This new healthy drink will be continued by me and my family. I highly recommend and suggest others give it more than just a try.”

You will hear the same phrase over and over again in Greater Than reviews: Great taste. There’s no sugar added. The supply has increased. It is loved by the whole family.

We couldn’t help but want to join the fun.

The Science of Greater Than

You may be wondering how Greater Than helped so many mothers. Their unique, innovative formula is the key to it all. 

Great for Moms

Did you know that breastmilk is 87% milk? An average six-month-old baby consumes about a quart of breastmilk each day. That’s a lot of water — which is why it’s so important for nursing mothers to replenish their fluids.

Water is a great start, but water alone doesn’t contain electrolytes. Greater Than’s formula of electrolytes and potassium help bring your body back to better than before, with sea salt added for extra natural electrolytes. Greater Than enhances your body’s health by blending organic coconut water and natural non-GMO juices.

Why coconut water? It’s a low-calorie, low-sugar, and highly nutritive substance that naturally contains high levels of electrolytes. If coconut water isn’t your thing, we’d definitely still recommend giving the drink a try. For a drink that’s so high in coconut water with no added sugar, it doesn’t taste much like it. 

That’s right — it’s all of the benefits of coconut water, but without the taste.

How can Greater Than taste so sweet? Well, it’s sweetened with non-GMO monkfruit, a zero glycemic sweetener that provides all of the yummy flavors you love, and nothing you don’t. Greater Than never uses added sugar, Stevia, or chemicals because you don’t have to compromise on health to find a drink you’ll crave.

Great for Everyone

Greater Than is a wonderful addition to any family fridge, no matter how far you have come in your nursing career. It’s loved by kids, dads, and moms of all ages. 

Don’t just take our word for it — moms are always telling us that their husbands keep stealing their drinks. 

One happy customer even said: “I use Greater Than for staying hydrated while nursing, my husband drinks it as a sports drink, and my 3 year old drinks some as a healthy juice box!”

You might consider swapping the sugary sports drinks from your fridge for something more natural. Greater Than is a natural alternative to Pedialyte. It has a similar amount electrolytes and is made with real fruit juices. There are no added sugars. Most kids don’t even notice the difference!

The Story of Greater Than — From Performance Beverages to Your FYP

Let’s go back to the beginning, long before Greater Than started dominating our Instagram feeds. The story starts well over ten years ago when brothers Jon and Mark Sider went on a mission to develop a new option for performance beverages for athletes that didn’t rely on added sugars and didn’t compromise on great taste. 

A Mission to Hydrate Healthier 

During years of research and development, the Sider brothers worked alongside leading scientists to develop a formula for athletes that used only organic and non-GMO ingredients — oh, and it’s vegan, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, no sugar added, and paleo-friendly. (We think it could be said that Greater Than is for all.

It was only after Greater Than moved online that anything unexpected happened. Nursing moms are another group of people who push their bodies to the limit. 

These moms quickly fell for Greater Than and its ability to do what it does. With its hard-working and highly-hydrating ingredients, Greater Than helps support a healthy milk supply, helps soothe pregnancy cramps, and helps alleviate that constant thirstiness you feel when you’re breastfeeding.

As Jon and Mark put it, “Moms chose us, now we support her.” We think that says it all.

A Instant Phenomenon

Greater Than is now a popular choice for mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding and is one of the most healthful hydration drinks on the market. 

Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women are more concerned about what they eat. They’re eating for two, after all.

Eating with your baby’s health in mind is a lot of responsibility, and sadly, there aren’t that many brands making a sincere effort to help ease the process. It’s like they spend all of their time and money on marketing, and not much thinking about Mom herself.

Disposable diapers, cloth diapers, BPA-free plastics, socket covers, powder, oil — there’s so much being marketed to new moms left and right, and it’s hard to sift through our options alone.

Luckily — thanks to social media — we don’t have to. It takes a village to build a village, you know that. In this day and age, your village is only a swipe away.

A group of mothers online can offer support, validation, solidarity, and little wins. That support is an amazing thing, and it’s an amazing thing that happened to help Greater Than grow. 

Explore all of Greater Than’s flavors here, and join the family!

Are you ready to join the Greater Than Family?

The hype is real. If you’re ready to join the thousands of mothers who are obsessed with Greater Than’s products, all you need to do is go to their website, fill in your details, and get a pack shipped directly to you.

Start with a trial pack to try out your favorite flavor before you commit to buying a full-size package. Once you see the difference from just one bottle, we’re sure you’ll be adding your own five-star rave.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your trial kit now!

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