5 Easy Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping This Week

August 01, 2017Aug 01, 2017

Whether attempting to save money for a vacation, pay off debt, or make a big purchase, most people are consistently looking for ways to save money in their day to day lives. There are many tips and tricks for saving a few dollars, and we have compiled a list of five easy things that you can do this week to save money when grocery shopping.

1. Make a list. Check it twice.
Going to the grocery store with a specific list of what items you need will save you time and money. When you have a clear agenda, you will be less tempted to spend more money. If this kind of list makes you feel restricted, have some fun with it! We recommend giving yourself a set amount of “fun money” that you can spend. For instance, along with your list of things that you need, add a line that says $5 worth of dessert. Then, you have the freedom to choose how you spend that money but you are still limited.

2. Implement the 10-second rule.
Anytime you add an item to your cart, stop for 10 seconds. Ask yourself if you really need or want the item you just picked up. Is there an alternate version of the same product that would be cheaper? Can you make it from scratch? Can you buy a smaller version of it? Asking yourself these questions will keep you from impulsive buys.

3. Set a time limit on shopping.
Plan to go grocery shopping within a constricted period of time. For instance, if you go to the grocery store on your lunch break or in between meetings, you will be forced to shop quickly. This will help you stick to your list and not get distracted by all of the tempting, unnecessary food options around you.

4. Do research.
Although this takes more time, the pay off is significant. When making your weekly grocery list, take a few minutes and research the best deals at your local grocery stores. Figure out which stores offer the best prices on specific items that you purchase often. Make a plan to stop at 2-3 stores if time and location permits. During your research, you might also find coupons or deals that will save you money as well!

5. Don’t be fooled by the sale price.
When choosing between two products, make sure to compare using the price per unit or ounce instead of the overall sales price. The pricier item might actually be a better deal when broken down into price per unit, though you may be tempted to choose the “cheaper” item.

Do you use these tips? What are some other great money-saving tips you use at the grocery store? Let us know on Facebook and share it with your friends! If you haven't heard about the latest banking scam sweeping the nation, read about it here and make sure you don't become a victim! 

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