FINALLY: This Pastor Gets To The Heart Of The Transgender Movement

May 17, 2016May 17, 2016

The transgender movement is taking the nation by storm. It is astounding to many that about 1% of the public is trumping the moral code that America has held for hundreds of years. 10 years ago, it would be unimaginable that the mainstream media and government would be adamantly arguing (and even seeking to enforce with the threat of fund removal) that boys and girls be allowed to shower together, as young as elementary school.  And yet here we are.

The saddest part of this struggle is observing how far America has come in her morality. As you hear the heated debates on the news about whether or not this bathroom bill will cause safety issues for women and children, what you don't hear is the very heart of the issue: how God made people, on purpose, either male or female.


Thankfully, this pastor made a short video on his Facebook to compassionately share the truth. Pastor Perry Noble had taken heat for supporting the ordinance that would protect women and children from having men in their private facilities. But he got a lot of hate from his stance, being told he was intolerant and hateful and the reason many don't attend church.

Noble starts by pointing us to the truth that is trying to be drowned out: Jesus' words in Matthew 19:4, that "God, at the beginning of time, made people male and female." Noble gets to the crux of the issue and says, "The whole transgender movement is the ultimate form of telling God: 'I don't believe you got it right.'"

Secondarily, but still so important, Noble says that allowing boys into girls' locker rooms is totally "unacceptable." As a husband and a father, he says he would do everything he can to prevent a man from entering the bathroom when his wife or daughter are in it, shares The Christian Post.

Still, Noble says that the way to respond is in love and in prayer. He encourages Christians "to pray, and if you don't agree with President Obama, say you don't agree with him, but don't attack him."

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