Finally Safe At Home: This Devout American Christian Tells His Crazy Story About Being Held Prisoner by North Korea

May 08, 2017May 08, 2017

A devout Christian Jeffrey Fowle, who was 58, traveled to the rogue nation of North Korea in 2014.

Fowle wanted to spread the Gospel to its people. In May, in the northern port city of Chongjinin, he left a Bible under a trash can in the men’s room at a nightclub. This nation is under constant watch, and he was arrested immediately.

“North Korea had always intrigued me,” said Fowle, who arranged his visit with Koryo Tours, a British-run firm based in Beijing.

Fowle hoped the Bible he smuggled into North Korea, which contained his name and family photos, would be found by someone in the underground Christian community. Not long after he hid it, his tour group’s leader found it and confronted him. Fowle said he knew he had been caught.

He was allowed to continue the tour, but when he arrived at the airport in Pyongyang to depart, authorities grabbed him. He was then arrested.

Fowle said that unlike the other Americans being held, he was never placed in one of the brutal nation’s work camps. He was isolated and monitored constantly. He was given pen and paper and coached on his “statement of guilt.”

Fowle credits this person in securing his release: former U.S. congressman and former Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture Tony Hall.

Hall used his contacts and leverage acquired during humanitarian work in the 1990s when deadly famine gripped North Korea.

Hall told Fox News that Fowle’s ordeal should be a warning to any Americans curious about living or visiting this rogue nation.

“I advise anyone planning personal travel to North Korea to seriously reconsider their plans,” Hall said.

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