Filed Your Taxes? BEWARE Of New Scams To Steal Your Refund, Personal Info

March 20, 2017Mar 20, 2017

Filed your taxes yet? Whether you have or not, the IRS wants you to be aware of some devious scammers stealing your refund and personal information and even hacking into your bank account.

Their scams are coming in the form of e-mails that are made to look like they’re coming from tax preparer or tax software companies you’ve used.

One scam even targets your tax preparer themselves, tricking them into giving up your personal and financial information.

According to the IRS and financial advisers, here are things to look for with these scams:

— Last-minute requests to change where your refund money will be sent — for instance, a prepaid debit card.

— E-mails, text messages, or phone calls from tax software companies asking you to update your account.

— E-mails, text message, and phone calls from people who claim they’re the IRS but are asking for your Social Security number, account passwords, bank information, or credit card number.

— E-mails coming from e-mail addresses that don’t match the IRS, your tax provider, or your tax software company.

— “Click here” or “sign in” buttons in e-mails that don’t bring you to the right place. To know where the button will take you before you click, hover your mouse over the button, and your internet browser will display the address at the bottom of your screen.

To help prevent these future scams, report them to the IRS at

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