F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes in California, Pilot Ejects and Sends Plane Crashing into Building

May 17, 2019May 17, 2019

A training exercise ending in disaster today in California. A U.S> fighter jet went down in flames by crashing into a building. Thankfully, the pilot was able to eject before the crash occurred.

According to reports, the US Air Force says five people on the ground were injured. They have not confirmed if ammunition was onboard. One warehouse worker captured the aftermath in a Facebook post. The stunning image can be seen in the tweets below.

The building's fire sprinklers were said to have put out the flames. At this time, an investigation has started to determine exactly what caused the wreck. The crash happened at approximately 15:45 local time (23:45 GMT) outside the March Air Reserve Base in Perris, according to reports.

The jet was said to have been based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was flying a training mission for the North American Aerospace Defense Command. We will keep you posted as more details come in regarding the incident.

Please join us in praying for the men and women of our armed forces across the globe. We also thank God for protecting this pilot.

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