Female Teacher Given MASSIVE Payout For Being Called “She”

May 25, 2016May 25, 2016

A fifth grade teacher at a school in Gresham, Oregon was awarded a $60,000 dollar prize from the school district. According to WND, Leo Soell is a female who identifies herself as a man since she transitioned last September.  She complained to the school district that people were referring to her as a “lady” and also as “she” and that she was called “Mrs. Soell” on occasion.

Not wanting to embrace her own true identity, Soell then targeted the teachers and administrators who refused to play along by claiming that she was “misgendered” and “harassed” by these individuals for not accepting her desire to be a man.

A school investigation failed to find any wrong doing by the other staff. Despite the results of the investigation, the school district took it upon themselves to further push the liberal agenda and punish the tax payers at the same time. They awarded Soell $60,000 dollars.

“I actually feel safe now,” Soell said after accepting her massive tax-payer funded payout. “There will always be people who push the boundaries but I’m not worried about them anymore because I know that my district supports me.”

Soell was given 60,000 reasons to not be worried. In addition to making the tax payers pay for the perceived offense, the school district sent out a threatening letter to school staff telling them that they must conform to and accept the district’s anti-gender stance or face punishment, including termination.