Female ‘Jeopardy!’ Record Holder Charged with Felony Cyber Crimes

December 06, 2017Dec 06, 2017

A one-time female record holder on the game show “Jeopardy!” has been charged with two felony counts of alleged cyber crimes at a small Michigan college. The woman was arraigned in Lenawee County District Court Tuesday morning to face the charges levied against her.

After an intensive investigation that delved into complaints filed by fellow coworkers at Adrian College, Stephanie Jass, 47, was charged with unauthorized access to a computer and using a computer to commit a crime. The first charge alone carries with it a potential penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine, according to The Daily Telegram

The investigation commenced when Michigan State Police Cyber Command Center was contacted by staff at Adrian College, who alleged that Jass possibly accessed several of her colleague’s Adrian College accounts without their authorization. A forensic analysis of the digital evidence warranted the charges.

Jass made a name for herself in 2012 when she set the record for the most consecutive wins by a female contestant on “Jeopardy!”, notching seven consecutive victories before being knocked off the hill by Julia Collins in 2014, reported Fox News


“Adrian College wants to sincerely thank the Michigan State Police and the Lenawee County Prosecutor’s Office for their thorough investigation and for ultimately bringing charges in this crime,” the college said in a statement. “Privacy rights are a fundamental principle of our American democracy, and Adrian College stands with those who protect these rights.”

Jass, of Tecumseh, allegedly committed the crimes on April 25 before colleagues at Adrian College contacted authorities, reported the Detroit Free Press. Jass was a history professor at the college. 

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