Fellow Actors React to the Death of 'Frasier' Star

February 06, 2018Feb 06, 2018

John Mahoney, best known for playing the curmudgeonly dog-loving father of the title character in TV's "Frasier," passed away. His publicist confirmed the sad news on Monday, said CNN.

77-year-old Mahoney, who played Martin Crane—father of Frasier Crane and Niles Crane—on the long-running sitcom, died Sunday in Chicago after a short illness.

Peri Gilpin, who played the character Roz Doyle in "Frasier," recalled her fondest memory of the actor. She remembered how Mahoney sang at her wedding, and she recalled some of his best-known performances.

"Watch Moonstruck, Say Anything and/or Frasier or anything you can with him in it and raise a glass to John. Remember him well," Gilpin wrote.


Mahoney wasn't only a TV actor. He was also an ensemble member of the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago for 39 years.

The theater said in a tweet: "It is with our deepest sorrow that we share the news that ensemble member of 39 years John Mahoney passed away. Tonight’s opening night performance of You Got Older has been cancelled. We are instead inviting all to gather in Front Bar this evening. All are welcome to join us."


In a tweet, actor Gary Sinise, who also performed at Steppenwolf, called Mahoney "a wonderful actor."


"Our old friend and Steppenwolf theatre colleague John Mahoney passed away yesterday. So many wonderful plays together over the years. A wonderful actor I’ll never forget his 1985 performance in Orphans (Chicago and New York)."

"It was a great pleasure to know him and work with him," Sinese tweeted.


Others also shared their condolences.





Kelsey Grammar, who played Mahoney's son on 'Frasier,' is also mourning the loss. He gave a statement to People about Mahoney's death.

“He was my father,” said Grammer, 62. “I loved him.”

Mahoney was never married, and he did not have any children.

In other news, disturbing reports emerged today that the Temptations' lead singers wife was abusing him prior to his death. 


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