Body Language Analyst Points Out Key Detail About Dianne Feinstein's Claims During Kavanaugh Hearing

October 01, 2018Oct 01, 2018

Recently, the nation came to a standstill as Dr. Christine Ford appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about her accusations regarding Judge Kavanaugh. The hearing was highly controversial and left many people with questions.

Although Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford were both under oath, they delivered contradictory statements. The Committee was also extremely divided on their statements. Many Republicans stood by Judge Kavanaugh as he spoke to clear his name.

Still, a lot of the Democrats on the committee stood by Ford and praised her for her bravery. In particular, Senator Dianne Feinstein was called out for knowing about the allegations for months and not saying a word about it.

When she was questioned, she used some interesting diction to defend herself. Now, a body language analyst has since commented on her statements and the video is going viral.

Watch the full video in the link below. Let us know if you agree or disagree with the findings.

An interesting point in the video comes when Feinstein is questioned about her staff. She strongly defends their actions while some of her staffers can be seen in the background. They seem to get shifty when their conduct is called into question, according to the analyst.

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