Feeling The Heat: Obama Steps In To Protect Hillary And Himself

November 01, 2015Nov 01, 2015

President Obama has been relatively silent in the matters of Hillary Clinton’s email scandals.  He told the media and the American people that she had made a ‘mistake’ and that it was just a partisan attack from the Republicans.  Other than that he has kept fairly quiet as the investigation has gained steam.  However, when the investigation started to involve him, the Obama administration stepped in and wielded executive powers to shield him from any negative light.


According to the New York Times, the White House will block the release of a handful of emails that were sent between Obama and Clinton.  The content of the emails between the two has not been disclosed.  However, a number of the recently released emails show Clinton engaging in conversations about the security status in Libya as well as discussing the talking points after the attack had happened. 

To refresh your memory, the administration told the American people that the strategically planned terrorist attack was a spontaneous reaction to a short film on Youtube.

The lack of transparency from the administration and Clinton will most likely result in an intensified focus from the Republicans.  Americans want to know, what are they hiding?