FBI Report Shows Just How Badly Hillary, Staff MISHANDLED Classified Info

November 03, 2016Nov 03, 2016

The FBI recently released somewhat redacted notes of their criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandals. What we're finding as we read through hundreds of pages of reports is staggering. A reader of these reports can only conclude extreme incompetence or deliberate skirting of security protocols when it comes to Hillary's and her staff's mishandling of classified information.

Here is our Part 5 of the FBI's third report:

— A person whose name was redacted on the FBI report says he often sent classified information to Hillary and never thought it was weird that she always used her BlackBerry to read and write e-mails. He assumed that it was a State Department-approved device because he didn't think anyone at the State Department used non-approved devices. Hillary never sought approval for using her personal mobile devices for State business.
— In multiple cases, backups of Hillary's e-mails were physically mailed on laptops and storage media, raising the risk of loss or theft, which did happen in at least one case. Information on those laptops and storage media was also not properly deleted.
— During Hillary's time as Secretary of State, the State Department issued official instructions to forward any work-related e-mails on personal e-mail accounts to their officials State accounts for proper record keeping. Hillary didn't comply.
— New State Department employees are not automatically given official e-mail accounts for work. They are obligated to file a request form. Hillary never did that and never asked for permission to use her personal e-mail account or BlackBerry device for work.
— Hillary was issued an official State Department BlackBerry for her work but refused to use it. She used 13 different personal BlackBerry phones instead.
— The FBI disputed claims by Hillary that some of the classified information in her e-mails wasn't classified at the time. The FBI said for something that was unclassified to suddenly become classified years later is "very rare."
— One of Hillary's aides, Monica Hanley, lost a thumb drive and a laptop that both had copies of Hillary's work-related e-mails. Neither has been recovered.
— Former Secretaries of State Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and John Kerry used personal e-mail accounts for State business, but Hillary was the only Secretary of State to run her personal e-mail account off of a personal e-mail server.

And there's plenty more. We've outlined some of the other devastating highlights of the FBI report in our Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 stories.

Part 6 coming soon.

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