FBI Releases STUNNING Motive Of Minnesota Mall Attacker

October 06, 2016Oct 06, 2016

The FBI has just released a stunning motive for the Minnesota mall attacker. And when we say "stunning," we're being facetious. When a mass attack with a seemingly random selection of victims occurs in America, the Left has shown that they'll immediately flood the mainstream media with explanations of "mental illness" and "relationship struggles" before the true motive is even revealed.

Well, the true motive of the mall attack in St. Cloud has been revealed, and it's what many people thought: Islamic terrorism.

According to ABC News, the FBI said 20-year-old Dahir Ahmed Adan recently grew interested in Islam and shunned his friends before, likely, drawing up plans for a terrorist-style attack on a soft target.

The FBI reported that witnesses also told them that Adan was screaming "Islam, Islam" and "allahu akbar" while stabbing people left and right.

In the face of all the evidence, FBI Director James Comey conceded that Adan was "at least partly inspired by extremist ideology," as paraphrased by ABC News.

Are you surprised by this revelation?