FBI Releases Devastating Report On Hillary’s Emails, This Could Be The End For Her

November 02, 2016Nov 02, 2016

Without any mainstream media coverage or fanfare, the FBI uploaded their official report of their first investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server on their website.


The release of the investigative report is shocking because despite telling the American people that Clinton was merely being ‘careless’, the FBI report reveals the staggering scope of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and actions taken that were clearly violations of the law. The reports also tells of the thousands of emails that had classified or top secret material in them.

In July, FBI Director James Comey did not recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton because he didn’t believe that Clinton acted with ‘criminal intent.’

The FBI has since re-opened the investigation due to finding hundreds of thousands of emails that may be pertinent to the Clinton case while conducting a separate investigation.

Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman and husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, was caught earlier this year sending explicit sexual messages to a 15 year old. As authorities were investigating his sex crimes, they found emails on his laptop that potentially are connected to Hillary Clinton’s illegal server.

While it is unknown yet if the new investigation will lead to any charges for Clinton, you can read the full report that the FBI released and see just how lawless and careless Hillary Clinton and her aides were when it came to national security.