FBI Investigates Bizarre Claims About Orlando Terrorist

June 14, 2016Jun 14, 2016

The FBI is investigating a series of bizarre claims about the now-deceased Orlando terrorist that were made by his ex-wife and some of the witnesses to the gay night club shooting that killed 49 people Sunday and injured more than 50 others.


According to the New York Post, shooter Omar Mateen's ex-wife said she believed he was not only a closet homosexual but also frequented the night club he attacked.

This claim lines up with reports by witnesses of the night club massacre that say Mateen visited the club a number of times, according to the Los Angeles Times. Witnesses described Mateen as someone who would sit alone in the club and get very drunk and belligerent.

The FBI is also investigating claims the Mateen sent messages to other men via a gay dating and chat app.

In response to these claims, Jason Hackett of WPTV reports that Mateen's Muslim father said, "I don't believe he was a whatever-you-call-it."

Despite these claims, in the midst of the slayings, Mateen took hostages into a restroom and declared his allegiance to the radical Islamic group ISIS.

Yesterday, an ACLU lawyer, along with other members of the left, tried to shuffled blame for the massacre on the Christian right for driving Mateen to kill gay people with their "homophobic" rhetoric and "anti-LGBT" legislation. If this new information is true, it's going to be a little harder to convince people of that.

As the FBI continues to try to sort out this bizarre and tragic event, please pray for the families of those who were lost that they may find healing and comfort and seek God for answers and direction in their lives.