FBI Director Responds To Hillary, Issues Correction That Has MASSIVE Implications

May 12, 2016May 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton has spent the entirety of her presidential run under severe scrutiny for her actions as Secretary of State.  Her use of a private and unsecured server to send and receive classified information has gained the attention of the FBI.

Clinton has tried hard to ignore the scandal, but when that was no longer possible she instead tried to minimize it. According to Fox, Clinton and her campaign staff has referred to the massive FBI investigation as nothing more than a mere “security inquiry.”

After hearing Clinton’s remarks, FBI Director James Comey set the Democratic candidate straight. He said he doesn’t now what Clinton means by a “security inquiry.” Comey said “we’re conducting an investigation. That’s what we do.”

Sorry Clinton, but you won’t be able to brush this national security issue under the rug.