FBI Determines THIS About Whether Hillary's E-mail Server Was Hacked; It's Looking Worse For Her

September 02, 2016Sep 02, 2016

One of the major concerns about Hillary Clinton conducting her Secretary of State work through the unsecured, personal e-mail server she had setup was that foreign hackers — especially Russian ones — could have gained access to the loads of classified information she was mishandling.

The FBI has now released findings of their investigation over whether that happened, according to Matt Zapotosky of the Washington Post. It's not exactly looking good for Hillary.

Here's what the FBI determined:

"The FBI's investigation and forensic analysis did not find evidence confirming that Clinton's e-mail accounts or mobile devices were compromised by cyber means. However, investigative limitations, including the FBI's inability to obtain all mobile devices and various computer components associated with Clinton's personal e-mail systems, prevented the FBI from conclusively determining whether the classified information transmitted and stored on Clinton's personal server systems was comprised via cyber intrusion or other means. The FBI did find the hostile foreign actors successfully gained access to the person e-mail accounts of individuals with whom Clinton was in regular contract and, in doing so, obtained e-mails sent to or received by Clinton on her personal account."

In other words, the FBI couldn't complete their investigation because they didn't have all the evidence, but it is quite possible that hackers got ahold of the classified information Hillary sent to other people's unsecured, personal accounts.

According to Reuters, the FBI also determined the Hillary often lost her Blackberry smartphones and never found them again, leaving the information on them vulnerable.

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