FBI Arrests Woman They Say Robbed 9 Banks for Social Justice Cause

February 05, 2018Feb 05, 2018

The “Freedom Fight Bandit” has been captured. That’s how FBI agents in Atlanta have referred to one 25-year-old woman they say has held up nine banks and slipped a note to tellers explaining why.

According to Fox News, Nilsa Marie Urena reportedly started her heist spree on Oct. 30 in the Atlanta suburb of Ellenwood. She would disguise herself, recruit young men and teens to help her, and hit other banks in the Atlanta area.

At each bank, Urena allegedly gave tellers a note or called them on the phone claiming that she was robbing them “for the movement” and “for the streets.” She didn’t show a gun but did claim to have a bomb.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Clayton County Police Department Sgt. Ashanti Marbury explained that at the first robbery in Ellenwood, “As the bank teller gathered the money, the robber stated to the teller that she would pray for her and also reiterated that the bomb would go off at any time.”

Her Facebook page contains numerous references to end-times biblical prophecy and hatred for President Trump. Before her final bank robbery, retired FBI agent Chris Quick expressed surprise that she’d managed to stay just ahead of the long arm of the long for so long.

“Getting away with eight bank robberies is unusual. Usually, after two or three, they mess up and get caught,” Quick commented.

It was the ninth robbery that proved to be Urena’s Achilles’ heel. After heading north to reportedly rob a bank near Nashville, Tennessee, she was ratted on by two of the teens she had gotten to help her knock over two banks back in the Atlanta area. A car-service driver she had paid to be her getaway driver clued in authorities to her location.


The FBI took Urena into custody on Saturday. The exact nature of her charges is unknown. According to her Facebook page, she appears to have a young daughter.

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