Tragedy: Father of Three Murdered in Front of His Children Days After Their Birthday

May 09, 2018May 09, 2018

A heartbreaking tragedy took place over the weekend near Sacramento, California. A father of three girls, Roy Eunice, was tragically murdered in front of two of his children.

According to FOX40, it was a typical Saturday evening for Eunice’s family — he was going to take out the trash while his 10-year-old twin daughters were only a short distance away. Sadly, the dad was shot and killed.

He was reportedly shot in the chest. Two other bullets were fired; one hit the front door and the other went through two walls.

As of Wednesday morning, the suspect has still not been identified. Unfortunately, a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed on the same block back in December, which also remains unsolved; at the murder scene, Eunice was a bystander who comforted the teen while he was dying.

Eunice’s final moments were spent with his twins, who just celebrated their 10th birthday days before their father’s unexpected death. It is unclear where his other daughter was at the time of the incident. 

After he was shot, he went inside of the house and told his young daughters to call their mother and 911. He was able to calm them down before he passed away.

Eunice was a very involved father in his kids’ lives. He was known for helping out at their school and received several awards for his participation, reported Fox.

Gun violence is a rising issue in the family’s neighborhood. The family is begging for the suspect to come forward, and additionally, requesting that local police focus on solving this issue in surrounding areas.

Please keep this family in your prayers during this difficult time. In other recent news, three Americans were released from captivity in North Korea after President Trump intervened; read the latest details here.

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