Father Issues Massive Warning to Parents of Children Using This Popular App

August 24, 2017Aug 24, 2017

It’s scary to think about all the potential danger lurking behind social media. Not only are the things children have access to scary, but those who have access to our children is even more frightening.

A father from Illinois, Brad Summer, is warning parents of the potential danger of online predators through a popular music app. The app, named Musical.ly, is a music video service which has been growing in popularity among youth.  

The users of the app can make lip-syncing videos, which can be posted to their profile. Currently, the app has about 215 million users. Summer’s 7-year-old daughter is one of them.

Summer recently posted on his Facebook page the details of a frightening event. He explained how someone pretending to be a 9-year-old named “Jessy” tried to get his daughter to send inappropriate photos. 

Summer thought "Jessy" was one of his daughter’s friends, after reading through the private messages he realized this individual was not a friend at all. The individual asked his daughter for photos through the private message feature and then continued to ask for more photos without her clothes.

He went on to explain how he thought the app, which is rated for kids 12 and up, was an app geared toward younger children. He said his daughter would make “goofy duets” using the app and would send them to her close friends and cousins. 

“I know many will blame us parents for this happening,” Summer wrote in his Facebook post on August 11th. “But we never thought like predators, and I guess we were naive in thinking that our daughter was safe on what we thought to be a kid friendly app. We have learned the hard way. I ask that you not judge us (many still will) but let our experience teach us all.”

Summer wants to warn parents of this potential danger and help other parents protect their children online. “I never thought of someone pretending to be 9 to gain access to my child,” he also said in his Facebook post. “We live and learn and I continue to do so every day as a parent.”

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