Father-Daughter Dance CANCELLED For THIS Mind-Boggling Reason

May 05, 2016May 05, 2016

Here's another example of the minority of opinions overriding that of the majority.

According to WIS TV, a Father-Daughter Dance at Brockman Elementary in Forest Acres, South Carolina has been cancelled after some parents claimed it wasn't inclusive enough because it catered to daughters who have fathers present in their lives.


The school district’s communications director Karen York explained, however, that the fundraiser event’s flyer makes it clear anyone is invited.

York said, “There were a few parents that did not think the father-daughter dance was inclusive, when actually, it was at all times. It was never an event that was exclusive to only fathers and daughters. Mothers and anyone else who wanted to show up at the dance were certainly welcome to attend.”

But that did not stop the complaints from about 10 parents, and school officials decided to end the event on short notice and return the funds it’s already raised. Not surprisingly, many other parents have objected to the cancellation.

A WIS TV poll shows, as of 2 p.m. Eastern, that 5% of respondents agree with the cancellation, 2% are unsure, and 93% think the event should still go on.