Fatal Fire Hazard Leads to Recall of Over 500,000 Dishwashers

October 31, 2017Oct 31, 2017

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of over 500,000 dishwashers due to a fire hazard. The CPSC announced that products from Bosch, Gaggenau, Jenn-Air, and Thermador are at risk. 

According to the report, the power cord attached to the dishwasher could overheat and catch on fire. Two years ago, 194,000 dishwashers were recalled because of the same issue. Now, an additional 469,000 are being added to the list. 

The four brands being recalled are a part of BSH Home Appliances. In the last two years alone, the company has received five reports of the power cords overheating. In all of the scenarios, the overheating caused fires, leading to property damage. 

In the previous recall in 2015, there had been 10 reports of power cords overheating. Out of those, 5 resulted in fires and property damage. 

When that recall was issued, BSH said that the overheating was only possible when the dishwashers were in use, not when they were off. 

The recall includes models manufactured between 2008 and 2017. The products were sold between $850 to $2,600 and were available in stainless steel, black, white, and custom panels. 

When the recall was issued in 2015, the CPSC talked about how common it had been for dishwashers to catch on fire. Don Huber, the Consumer Reports' director, talked about the recent stats. 

He said, "According to the latest data we have, dishwashers accounted for 987 fires, three fatalities, 23 injuries, and almost $15 million in property loss from 2012 to 2015. A significant number of dishwasher fires are attributable to electrical failure or malfunction, short circuits, improper installation, and overloading of the dishwasher. We suggest that dishwashers be installed only by certified technicians, and that you avoid overloading them.”


In light of the recall, BSH said that owners of their dishwashers should stop using them and arrange for a free inspection and replacement power cord. They urge customers to check both their model number and the serial number of their dishwashers. Below is the list of recalled products. 

The model and serial number are located either on the top of the inner door panel or on the side of the panel. 

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