Fat Joe Says He Has To Remind His Kids They Don’t Have Money Like Jay-Z & Diddy

Fat Joe Says He Has To Remind His Kids They Don’t Have Money Like Jay-Z & Diddy

While we’re typically used to seeing children of celebrities living the good life and flaunting their wealth, it looks like Fat Joe His humility is evident in his children and how he keeps it real about their finances. During a recent episode of the “I Am Athlete” podcast, the New York rapper spoke candidly about the realities that come with fame, including being honest with yourself and your loved ones. Fat Joe said,

“You should never lie to yourself. Don’t even lie to your family. I tell my wife, I tell my kids, we are not Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs or Shawn Carter, Jay-Z. One day my son– he was like, 19 [years old], he’s like, ‘Yo dad, look at this!’ I look at it, he got Dr. Dre son on a private plane, you got Jay-Z. He’s like, ‘This is how the sons are moving now!’.”


He continued to explain his playful, but serious conversation with his son.

“I was like, ‘You ain’t fuckin’ movin’!’.. We ain’t got that sh*t! So, stop lookin’ at them mutha**ckas and stay the course! Stay in your lane, because a lot of—it can be women, too—but a lot of men lose themselves by not trying to keep it real with themselves.”

Fat Joe

While Fat JoeYou may not have the same amount as you think. Jay-ZAnd DiddyThe Bronx rapper has made it big. He’s maintained a long career in the music industry and continues to stay relevant between music, collaborating with new artist, and various business ventures. This month, Fat Joe announced a new partnership with fast-food franchise White Castle where he’s launching a series of sloppy joe sandwiches for the entire month of January.


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