Fans in Mourning After Member of 'Star Wars' Family Passes Away After Long Illness,

September 24, 2018Sep 24, 2018

One of the men responsible for Star Wars being made in 1977 has passed away. Gary Kurtz, who was the producer for Star Stars and The Empire Strikes Back died Sunday after a battle with cancer.

Kurtz was 78 at the time of his passing. His family released a touching statement after his passing.

"With deep love and respect, the family of Gary Kurtz is sad to share that he has passed away. He died from cancer on September 23rd 2018, in North London, England," said the statement.

They described all of his wonderful attributes: "Gary was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, friend, colleague, and mentor, whose work and talent spanned filmmaking, photography, music, and cinema history. He was a Marine, a world traveller, an outdoorsman, and a kind, compassionate human being.

They also released his skill as a producer, "His life’s work was to share the wonder of audio-visual storytelling through the art of film. Well-known for his work as the producer of American Graffiti, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Dark Crystal, Gary was passionate about telling stories that shared the humanity of characters in entertaining ways for audiences around the world."

They concluded, "Gary was a magnificent man, who will be hugely missed. His whole family thanks you for your loving thoughts."

As noted in the statement, Kurtz not only worked on Star Wars. He also produced American Graffiti (1973), The Dark Crystal (1982), and Return to Oz (1985). Kurtz was 78.

"The importance of Kurtz's contributions to the early days of Star Wars cannot be understated, as he worked closely with George Lucas as they struggled to get their strange little science-fiction movie made. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time,"

The Kurtz Joiner Archive also released a statement an extensive statement celebrating his career. They detailed each stage of his important life.

Peter Mayhew, who portrayed Chewbacca in the Original Trilogy, tweeted his condolences to the Kurtz family this morning.

"RIP Gary Kurtz. A great filmmaker and man as just passed. Without him there would have been no 'force.' You will be remembered in the incredible films you made that touched the lives of millions."

Please pray for Kurtz's family as they mourn his passing. May God guide them and give them peace. In other sad news, an Eagle's star player has passed away and fans are in mourning.