Fans Going Wild Over Famous Figure Melania Gets to Meet Only Weeks After Surgery

June 15, 2018Jun 15, 2018

In the middle of May, First Lady Melania Trump had to undergo major surgery. The 48-year-old had kidney surgery and spent around a week in the hospital and several more in recovery.

A few weeks after the surgery, Melania made her first public appearance since the hospitalization. Later, she appeared at the Ford’s Theatre and stunned in her sparkling gown.

While Melania appeared to be in good spirits, President Trump revealed that she would be unable to fly for at least a month, preventing the First Lady from joining him on trips. Now, however, Melania is on the road to recovery and will be accompanying President Trump on his next special trip, and fans are freaking out about it!

On Thursday, it was revealed that First Lady Melania will join President Trump on a trip to the UK. According to The Sun, the two will be honored by the British Army’s Coldstream Guards, the oldest regiment.

While Americans are excited that Melania gets to accompany President Trump on this trip, they are focused on another exciting element of the news- who she will get to meet while she is there! President Trump and First Lady Melania have plans to meet Queen Elizabeth on the visit! They will reportedly meet Her Majesty at Windsor Castle.

The meeting will take place in the middle of July and the pair will reportedly stay at Wingfield House, the U.S. Ambassador’s residence.

Since the news emerged, fans have taken to social media to share their joy about the meeting! Many Americans love the royal family, and so the idea of First Lady Melania meeting with Queen Elizabeth is exciting. Additionally, fans continue to wish Melania the best in her road to recovery, and are happy to hear that she will be well enough to get back on a plane!

Another exciting element about the news it will hopefully help quiet some of the rumors that emerged following the First Lady's surgery. Several harmful rumors declared that Melania was purposefully not spending time with President Trump and that she simply didn't want to go on the trips with him. Now, those rumors are dispelled. 

We will continue to update as more information is made available regarding the visit! What do you think about this?! Let us know! Yesterday, Meghan Markle and Queen E looked like they were having a ball of a time and they couldn’t stop laughing!