Fans Going Wild Over 'Duck Dynasty' Star's New Relationship, Adorable Photos

June 05, 2018Jun 05, 2018

Since the show’s inception many years ago, fans have fallen in love with “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson. Even after the show ended, young people around the nation have been following Sadie’s journey as she has used her platform to inspire faith.

While some young people have used their fame for personal ambitions, Sadie has intentionally used her platform to point to Jesus and to encourage girls around the world to live a fearless lifestyle. She has written books, preached, and started campaigns based on that mantra.

Now, fans are going wild because they not only love Sadie, but they love her new boyfriend as well! At the end of spring, Sadie revealed that she is dating former Disney Channel star Austin North.

Sadie revealed to PEOPLE that she originally connected with Austin on Twitter. They DMed for a while, but eventually things “fizzled out” after not being able to meet in person. Nearly two years later, a mutual friend told Sadie that she wanted to set her up with someone from her church. To her surprise, it was Austin!

Sadie said, “We both laughed and couldn’t believe the randomness of finally meeting [through] a friend who had no idea we even knew each other.”

She said that when they met there was an instant spark and that even though they are dating long distance, they are “both so happy and just having fun.”

The thing that fans love most about the relationship is the fact that they are both strong Christians!

Sadie said, “He’s so sweet. He’s so much fun. He loves the Lord and is passionate about life. We laugh a lot and, just honestly, both really like each other and ice cream. We’re cheesy, but thriving.”

Here are some of their latest photos:

What do you think about Sadie’s new relationship? Let us know your thoughts! In other recent news, First Lady Melania just stunned at her first public appearance since hospitalization.