Fan Says He Was Fired After Boss Saw Him Sitting Down During National Anthem

October 12, 2017Oct 12, 2017

There’s much debate in our country over whether football players should be punished for protesting during the National Anthem, but what about fans? One Tennessee man is claiming he lost his job because he was spotted sitting during the Anthem.

According to The Epoch Times, Tyler Chancellor of Chattanooga, Tennessee was attending an event Saturday at Camp Jordan Arena when he chose to remain seated during the playing of the National Anthem.

"Me being a minority in this society, I chose to stand up for what I believe in — well, not actually stand up, but sit down for what I believe in," Chancellor explained, according to Fox 17 Nashville. “I wasn't the only one sitting down. There were other minorities in the stands sitting down."

But his boss did not appreciate the gesture, and he knew about it because Chancellor was sitting in the VIP section of the arena with his co-workers. The kickboxing gym he works for, 9Round, was hosting the event. Chancellor was a new employee at the gym and was currently in training to become a coach.

But on Monday, he was informed that his employment had been terminated. He received a phone call from a woman at the East Brainerd facility.

"She said, ‘Because you sat down [in the VIP area], you were a part of a 9Round event, and you sat during the national anthem. We no longer want to continue business with you.’ There was no sugar coating," Chancellor explained.

He also indicated that the owner of 9Round was a big military and first responders supporter and found Chancellor’s decision to remain seated during the Anthem disrespectful. According to Harvard Law Professor Mark Tushnet, firing Chancellor was legal because Tennessee, like half the states in the U.S., allows employers to fire workers for any reason.

Meanwhile, in regards to the NFL, the league is claiming that commissioner Roger Goodell did not “demand” that players stand for the Anthem, unlike what President Trump tweeted.

In a statement delivered Wednesday, the NFL said, “Commentary this morning about the Commissioner's position on the Anthem is not accurate. As we said yesterday, there will be a discussion of these issues at the owners meeting next week. The NFL is doing the hard work of trying to move from protest to progress, working to bring people together.”

Goodell’s letter, however, did state that players “should stand” and “honor our flag and our country.” He did not, though, prescribe a punishment for those who continue to protest instead.

What do you think about all of this? In other news, Christians are responding after Trump pulled the U.S. out of a pro-LGBT UN agency.

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