Famous WWII War Memorial Closes Indefinitely from Severe Damages

May 27, 2018May 27, 2018

In World War II, it is estimated that 416,800 U.S. soldiers died defending the cause of liberty. During the attack on Pearl Harbor, which occurred on Sunday, December 7, 1941, 2,403 soldiers were killed as Japan launched a massive attack to bring America into the war.

Most of the deaths during that battle occurred when the USS Arizona was bombed and sunk when three 800kg bombs struck the vessel, one of them hitting a munitions hold. Of those aboard, 1,177 crewmen perished.

After the war was over, the USS Arizona Memorial was established in 1949 to commemorate the lives lost who fought during that battle. It is estimated that more than one million people visit the memorial each year.

On May 6, a vessel operator discovered a crack on the outside of the memorial, and according to Fox 5, damage to the memorial is worse than expected; unfortunately, the memorial has closed indefinitely.

"There is a brow or an edge where the visitor ramp meets the memorial, and at that point, there's been some fissures located on the exterior," said Jay Blount, a spokesman for the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument.

"After further investigation on the interior, it was determined that the structure is not supporting the loading ramp the way that we need."

"The amount of time needed to implement the repairs is unknown, but the (National Park Service) will continue to provide information to the public as our team of specialists works together to restore access as soon as possible," memorial staff said Friday in a statement.

Here's a related video about one of the last surviving sailors from the USS Arizona:

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