Famous TV Star Found Guilty of Sexual Assault, Accusers Shake with Joy

April 26, 2018Apr 26, 2018

A man who once idealized the American father on a wildly popular sitcom was convicted of sexual assault Thursday. During the high-profile trial, a half-dozen women testified against the famed comedian, claiming that he drugged and assaulted him.

The jury decided that Bill Cosby, 80, was guilty on all three counts levied against him, including aggravated indecent assault against a woman named Andrea Constand, 45, according to NBC News

Constand wasn’t the only woman claiming Cosby assaulted her. Several other women who had accused him of sexual assault sobbed and shook with joy upon the judge’s sentencing of him. When the sentence was read in the court, Cosby bent his head slightly, eyes shut.

Although Cosby has been faced with dozens of sexual assault cases throughout the decades, only one, the case with Constand, has he been charged criminally in. In that case, she testified that in 2004 Cosby drugged and assaulted her sexually in his suburban Philadelphia home.

According to TMZ, Cosby was sent to jail and bail was posted at $1 million, because the prosecution felt that he was a flight risk because he had his own private jet.

Cosby lashed out at those persons, saying, “He doesn’t have a plan, you [expletive]. I’m sick of it, you [expletive].”

Cosby faces a maximum sentence of 10 years, including a fine of up to $25,000 on each count. According to NBC, it is thought that he will not spend much time in jail. Judge Steven O’Neill said that Cosby’s age and poor eyesight will play a factor in the extent of his punishment.

“I am not going to simply lock him up,” said O’Neill, ordering him at the same time to give up his passport and ordering him to remain in his nearby home.

What do you think of this? Please pray for the women who were victimized by Cosby, and for Cosby’s rehabilitation. Be sure to read about the U.S. Air Force member who delivered her own baby by watching YouTube videos. 

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