Famous TV Mom Hospitalized After 911 Call for Assault, Police Investigating

October 18, 2018Oct 18, 2018

A famous television mom was just taken to the hospital after someone called 911 about a woman being assaulted. Now, the details are coming in.

Jenelle Evans, the famous mother from "Teen Mom" on MTV, was said to have been injured at a house party at her house in North Carolina. When police received a call about a woman being assaulted at the party, they rushed to the scene.



The caller also requested an ambulance. However, when officials arrived Jenelle said she didn't want to pursue legal action and that she didn't want to file a police report.



She allegedly told the cops she had simply tripped and injured herself by a bonfire. She was apparently taken to the hospital by another person. At this time, the details of her injuries have not been released.

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